Make a payment – Automatic Pay for HOA Assessments

Some owners want to use the Automatic Pay feature for paying the HOA Assessment. Should you experience problems, please call L&B Management at (480) 987-0197 for help in setting up your account. The Automatic Pay form can be found with this link
Mutual of Omaha Bank



Please note effective January 2020, yearly coupon books are no longer available per newly revised HOA Law Statues. You will be receiving monthly statements going forward. To avoid a monthly $2 statement fee, please sign up to receive your statements via e-Statements. There are no changes in the way you make your payments (personal checks/auto payments). Please continue to pay as usual. Information to sign up for e-Statements can be found on your paper statement.


     Skyview Mesa II HOA Payments through Mutual of Omaha Bank

Click on Mutual of Omaha Bank


To sign up for auto payments or adjust the HOA payment follow these steps:


Google “Mutual of Omaha Bank”

Click on Pay HOA or Rent Pay your assessments, HOA dues, rent and other fees.

        Log in as directed OR create a NEW account

        Name, Email address, Phone Number

        Next, proceed to next window

            You will need: 

                     Your bank’s Routing Number

                     Management I.D. number is 1134

                     Association number is 000SVM

                    Your five digit Registration Code can be found on your statement.

Toggle down to “Schedule”

        Your Unit number should appear

        The date of the next payment

                    To change the dollar amount, click on the date

                    Edit the amount

Click on “Edit Payment”  

Click on “Future Payment”


e-Statement Sign Up Directions

Go paperless, save a stamp and a $2 paper statement fee. Have your HOA statements delivered via email. To set up, go to and enter your registration code (printed on your statement) to create your account TODAY!


Follow these steps:

  • Google the the link in the address bar of your search page (upper left corner)
  • Click on green register button
  • Use 000SVM (your account number)    
  • Register your code (printed on your paper statement)
  • Complete registration by entering your email address and password.
  • Click Confirm & Activate
  • You will then receive a conformation email. You must reply to finalize and activate e-Statements.

If you have questions, please contact management at (480) 987-0197.


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