1. Swim at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty.
  2. Pool hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Use of pool before or after hours will result infines.
  3. Bicycles, tricycles, skateboards or Styrofoam products are not allowed inside the pool enclosure. Play toys are limited to small toys such as rings, balls or inflatable rafts.
  4. NO glass containers or alcoholic beverages may be brought into the pool enclosure.
  5. No smoking within the pool area.
  6. No running, excessive splashing, horseplay, spitting or obscene language in or around the pool area.
  7. Only persons dressed in swimwear will be allowed in the pool. Cutoffs are not allowed –they damage pool filters.
  8. No intoxicated persons or persons having infectious diseases are allowed to use the pool.
  9. Children under 16 and children who cannot swim are not allowed in the pool unless accompanied by a parent or adult supervisor.
  10. Hair curlers, bobby pins and hairpins should be removed from hair before entering pool. Suntan oil is allowed.
  11. Private parties are not allowed in the pool area.
  12. NO pets inside the pool enclosure area.
  13. The pool area is private property and trespassers will be prosecuted.
Pets in the pool

Do not allow pets in the pool.  The pool water’s PH level must be maintained to a specific range.
The pool will be closed until the PH level has been corrected.
Pet owners, whose pets are reported in the pool, will be notified of the violation directly.

Questions about the pool please contact us here.

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