Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Make a payment – Automatic Pay for HOA Assessments

Some owners want to use the Automatic Pay feature for paying the HOA Assessment. Should you experience problems, please call L&B Management at (480) 987-0197 for help in setting up your account. The Automatic Pay form can be found with this link
Mutual of Omaha Bank


Each unit is assigned two numbered parking spaces, one in the open and one under cover.  Parking in anywhere other than in your assigned spacer is a fineable event.

Parking on the grass areas may damage the irrigation sprinkler heads which are very costly to repair.

Parking in a fire lane, marked in red, is against State and City ordinances and is a fire hazard.  Vehicles parked in the red zones will be towed without any notice to the vehicle owner.

Guest making is only allowed in specific spaces marked “Guest”.  Parking spaces are not to be used for overnight parking, storing of cars, trailers, or boats, etc.  Report any violations to the property management to be tagged and if not moved, it will be towed away.

Washing or repairing vehicles is not allowed anywhere in our complex.

For more information see PARKING LOT RULES


Be aware of the possibility of vandalism in the complex.  Block Watch Committee can be a key player in controlling the distraction of property.  If you see any vandalism call the property manager, 480-987-0197 and illicit behavior or vandalism  to the Mesa Police Department, 480-644-2211.

The Mesa Animal Control will only pickup an animal that has been caught and put in a cage.  Exception to this is if the dog is aggressive toward children then the Mesa Animal Control may respond.

Delinquencies and Collections

Delinquent accounts are being actively pursued by the Board of Directors.  HOA dues are due on the first of the month and delinquent by the 15th. HOA dues must be received by the bank or the Management company before the 15th not to be delinquent.

Automatic payment is available by contacting the management company for details.

A homeowner whose account is past due by 60 days or more will receive a legal demand letter and if no response is received, a Small Claims Court action will be initiated.  Late fees, costs and 12% interest will be calculated on the unpaid balance will be added to your account.

The consult the CC&Rs for more details.  The Board has directed the management to restrict water for any homeowner is in arrears unless prior payment arrangements are made by the homeowner.

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