1. Each unit is allotted two (2) parking spaces, one covered and one uncovered. Theses spaces are identified with the unit number.
2. Visitor parking spaces are for visitors only.
3. If you have more than two vehicles, find someone who has no car or one car who would bewilling to let you park your vehicle in their space. Otherwise, overnight parking is available on 8th Avenue.
4. No RV or similar vehicle or equipment may be parked, maintained, constructed, repaired or stored within the parking lot. No work or cargo trailers are permitted to be stored or parked within the parking lot at any time and will be subject to immediate towing without further notice.
5. No cars are to be parked in the two spaces reserved for mail pick-up at any time.
6. Cars parked in unauthorized spaces will be fined $25.00 per day and/or be towed immediately at owner’s expense without further warning.
7. Vehicles parked in Fire Lanes and Red-marked areas will be towed immediately without further warning and a monetary fine be assessed to the Unit Owner.
8. Vehicles parked on lawns are never allowed for any reason. The Owner/Unit Owner of vehicle will be fined $250.00 and will be towed immediately without further warning. Any damage created by driving on the lawn area will be repaired and the cost will be assessed to the Unit Owner.
9. Car washing is not allowed on the property – water and soap damage the asphalt. An immediate fine in the amount of $100 will be assessed to the Lot Owner.

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